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Updated: July 31, 2020

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Article 1 Intracompany Transfers
Article 2 I Married an Alien, Get Us Out of Here:
Immigrant Visas for Spouses of US Citizens Living in the United Kingdom
Article 3 US Citizenship—Having It, Getting It, Giving it Up
Article 4 Not Just for Rocket Scientists:
Green Cards for Aliens of Extraordinary Ability in Business
Article 5 How to Prove You’re an Alien of Extraordinary Ability
Article 6 Travelling to the US Without a Visa
Article 7 Washington, We Have a Problem! Ineligibilities and Waivers
Article 8 Lights! Camera! Visa! Aliens of Extraordinary Achievement in Film and Television
Article 9 Immigration Options for Business Owners, Investors and Managers
  1. Multinational Executives and Managers – EB-1-3
  1. Treaty Traders (E-1) and Treaty Investors (E-2)
  1. Immigrant Investor: The ‘Million Dollar Green Card’
  1. Extraordinary Ability in Business
Article 10 A Beginner’s Guide to the Affidavit of Support
Article 11 Before You Say ‘I Do’: Options for British-American Couples
Article 12 Frequently-Asked Questions About the ‘Australians Only’ E-3 Visa
Article 13

A Crime Involving Moral Turpitude!  What in the World is That?

Article 14 Giving Up US Citizenship: Is it Right for You?
Article 15 Working (Legally) on a Visitor’s Visa or Visa Waiver Entry
Article 16 ‘Ability to Pay the Proffered Wage’ in the Small Employer Context
Article 17 Drink Driving and the US Embassy, London
Article 18 Work Permits: An Overview
Article 19

I-864 Affidavits of Support: The Problem of ‘Domicile’

Article 20

A 214(b) Denial:  What It Means, What You Can Do

Article 21 Unknown Unknowns: ‘Do I Really Need a Lawyer to Get My Spouse a Green Card?’
Article 22 Adiós, Uncle Sam: Renouncing US Citizenship
Article 23 Same-Sex Marriage and Spousal Visas
Article 24 Four Basic Facts About US Visas
Article 25 More About Visas: How Long Can You Stay in the US?
Article 26 The K-3 Visa: Not Really an Option
Article 27 Maintaining US Lawful Permanent Resident Status
Article 28 Promising Progress for Immigrant Entrepreneurs and Start-ups
Article 29 E-2 Visas: Better than L-1s?
Article 30 Not British but Applying for a US Visa in the UK?
Article 31 Laborious Labor Certifications:  The Complex World of PERM

Article 32

Cannabis Legal in the US?  Not for Immigration Purposes
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